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Excellent Stainless Steel Tubes Manufacturer and Supplier

EASTEEL is a professional supplier for glass and railing system, born to present the beauty of stainless steel art. We are located in Foshan city and manufacture all shape of stainless steel pipes, handrail fittings and various stainless steel profiles. We have been producing stainless steel pipes for more than 20 years, and more than half of EASTEEL’s employees have more than 5 years of work experience. Quality is our top priority. We control quality in every process of production. All employees are excellent quality inspectors, and it is the belief of all our employees to produce the highest quality stainless steel products.

Our products are widely used in glass railings, stainless steel glass handrails, swimming pool guardrails, office partitions, electrical handles, door handles, car bumpers, car exhaust pipes and many other fields.

Our products are exported to many countries and regions in the world, such as Australia, Germany, Britain, Italy, the United states, Singarpore, Japan and other countries. It has been applied to many important projects and had been widely praised by customers.

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About us

Our Poducts Line Are,

We specialize in the production of stainless steel pipes and related accessories and profiles, and we have different of product series with more than 500 specifications.
Our most advantageous products are stainless steel slot tubes for railings and handle tubes for home appliances.
Stainless Steel Grooved Tubes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, Various Sizes and Shapes
Stainless steel handle tube: More than 50+ products with different cross-sections, used by many world-renowned electrical appliance
Stainless steel round tube: High standard round tube outer diameter from 6.5mm – 127mm
Stainless Steel Square Tube, Rectangular Tube: 10x10mm – 120x60mm
Stainless steel oval tube: Oval and flat oval, various size options
Stainless steel special-shaped pipes: Triangular pipes, hexagonal pipes, semi-circular pipes and other special-shaped pipes
Stainless steel handrail accessories: Matching pipe accessories, no need to worry about engineering matching problems
Stainless steel profiles: U-groove, T-shaped, V-shaped and other profiles
High Quality Finish: Perfectly Sanded and 8K Mirror Polished

Our Advantages:

  • Perfect team with many years of export experience.
  • We know that quality is more important than everything, EASTEEL decided to produce the highest quality stainless steel products at the beginning of its establishment
  • Using high-quality raw materials 304/316L, etc., high-standard polishing (sanding, 8K mirror, etc.)
  • A variety of shapes and sizes, many products can be found in EASTEEL without opening a new mould
  • We have an excellent R&D team, which can accept product customization of stainless steel pipes and profiles of different shapes to better meet your engineering needs
  • Provide flexible packaging options, beautiful and firm, which can better protect the products
  • Large inventory and flexible production capacity can handle some urgent engineering orders
  • Stainless steel slotted pipe, with various sizes and shapes, can be matched with related accessories, no welding, labor saving, more space and modern feeling, the best choice for your railing.

EASTEEL is developing quickly, over 90% of our products for export and annual turnover is increasing year by year. We have a very good relationship with our partner across Australia, North America, Europe and world wide as well.

Not the best, but better. EASTEEL collaborates with customers for joint innovation, continuously creating values for customers and partners. We continuously update our facilities, provide staff training, and focus on providing our customers with the highest quality products and timely delivery. 

With EASTEEL products, you are not just get the best services, but also the top quality products in your competitive market and friendly business partner. Please feel free to contact us for details.

We cherish every opportunity to work with our clients, and our goal is to develop and maintain positive long-term partnerships with our clients. Send your inquiry details and let us work together.

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