Stainless Steel Round Tube

Stainless steel round tube is the most widely used tube in the world. It can be seen everywhere in our life. Various sizes: From 6mm-127mm. Thickness: From 0.8mm-4.0mm. Surface: smoothly satin, 8K mirror, matt black and PVD/TiN. Small tolerance standard size, can be checked with the GO, NO-GO tooling check. Perfect surface, Satin is very smoothly, 8K mirror is bright and shinning like a true mirror. Enough safety: All the tube allow to deep processing, for example: bend. Best sellers: 304/316 Φ25.4, Φ38.1, Φ42.4, Φ48.3, Φ50.8mm. EASTEEL offer the unbeatable quality stainless steel round tube to make sure your project excellent safety.

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