Stainless Steel Oval Tube

Stainless steel oval tube born to present the beauty of stainless steel art. The perfect streamline design with special feel and visual effects. Stainless steel oval tube size from 20×40-60x120mm, thickness from 1.0mm-2.5mm. Surface: Hairline(longitudinal direction), super 8K mirror, black, PVD/TiN. 8K mirror is the surface to have the lowest possible roughness. In addition to a flawless appearance, more advantages of a mirror finish are the low weight ratio compared to glass mirrors, the very good workability and immensely important when used in public buildings or other highly frequented locations. Our products give great attraction in terms of aesthetics and functionality to even the most exclusive construction projects, artwork, machines of all kinds and many other products. EASTEEL is no ordinary factory, we are a team of experienced professionals working together to offer the unique tubes.

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