Stainless Steel Slotted Tube

EASTEEL provides all shape and all size of stainless steel slotted tube. It’s our best seller products. Including round, square, rectangular, oval slotted tube and other special shape slot tubes. The material mainly for the grades 304, 316L, duplex 2205. Surface finish: Satin, Mirror, matt balck and PVD/TiN. The perfect satin and mirror is our unique advantages. The dimension is for outside diameter and inner slot size. The inner slot size is depend on the glass thickness or led light size. Thickness normally is 1.5mm, also 1.0-2.0mm are all avaiable. The stainless steel slotted tube are used to create safety barriers around balconies and between floor levels. Also for balustrades and handrails. We are the first choice for your glass railing system.

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