SS Special Shaped Tube

Stainless steel shaped tube is the tubes which with special shapes not only for round or square. It includes shapes of oval, triangle, arched, fan, armchair, hexagonal, etc. Types by different shape: Oval Tube, Triangle Tube, Embossed Tube, Door Frame Tube, Flat Oval Tube, Fan Shaped Tube, Arched Tube, Hexagon Tube, airchair Tube, Plum Blossom Shaped Tube etc. The stainless steel shaped tube widely use on glass balusters, handrails, architecture, machinery construction, yacht and shipbuilding and so on. The unique shape give great attraction in terms of aesthetics and functionality to even the most exclusive construction projects, artwork, machines of all kinds and other project. We have various specifications of stainless steel special-shaped tubes, warmly welcome the new products develop.

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