What Is Stainless Steel Slotted Handrail Pipe?

Stainless steel pipe because of its long life, environmental protection, recyclable, nice, easy construction and installation, and special stainless steel performance, is generally welcomed by everyone. Especially in recent years, with the increase in stainless steel pipe production enterprises, as well as stainless steel pipe production technology improvements, lower cost of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe used more widely.

In the choice of stainless steel tube, the market, there are a lot of stainless steel pipe, or will think are the same, or from the surface looks exactly the same pipe, in fact, according to its molding, use, implementation of standards, Has also been broken down.

Stainless steel tube according to the different production processes, divided into welded pipe and seamless tube. Seamless pipe is mainly used in high-pressure flow, gas transportation, nest furnace, nuclear power and other high pressure areas. Weld pipe is generally used in decoration, mechanical assembly.

In addition to the normal welding, polishing and other processes, the need to be carried out in accordance with the requirements, such as pickling, polishing, leveling, its use of different, there are a variety of welding pipe and decorative welded pipe, welded pipe in accordance with the use of different, Differentiate.

Decorative stainless steel pipe is mainly used for decorative building, metal processing and other stainless steel pipe.

Decorative stainless steel pipe can also be broken down into the general decoration of stainless steel pipe and stainless steel pipe in two aspects, the general decorative pipe is mainly used for security networks, guardrail and so on. Such stainless steel pipe on the physical properties of the pipe, the size of standards and supporting the lower requirements, because the use of such pipes rarely involved in the elbow, deep processing and ancillary accessories, so the main requirement is no major bad welding, the overall appearance of good.

Stainless steel products, such as the use of general hardware accessories, decoration works, machinery and other accessories. Such pipes need to be re-processed, such as bending, bending, perforation, etc., so the pipe welding needs good, pipe materials need to meet the standards of physical properties, stainless steel tube size requirements, surface requirements, generally used in hardware assembly.

According to the requirements of decorative pipe and pipe products, in raw material selection and process requirements are different, the latter part of the finished pipe inspection is different, often stainless steel pipe high cost, the price is relatively high.

In recent years, the market part of the business, the use of inferior decorative pipe products posing as pipe, or low-end material posing 304,316 pipe and other high-end stainless steel pipe. Hope that the purchase of stainless steel, especially when more stringent requirements of stainless steel pipe pay more attention to distinguish between the purchase to the appropriate stainless steel pipe products.



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