Why The Stainless Steel Pipe Is Not Easy to Rust?

Generally speaking, stainless steel tube refers to the steel which is not easy to rust. And components of the stainless steel have great contribution to this character.

Besides iron, there are also some other ingredients, such as chromium, nickel, aluminum, and silicon, in stainless steel. The chromium content in stainless steel is generally not less than 12%, and even reaches 18%.

Adding chromium and other elements into steel can change the properties of steel, such as making the molecular structure of steel more uniform, and letting it create a dense layer of oxide protective film on the surface of steel more easily, thereby greatly improving the ability of anti corrosion of stainless steel. So with the corrosion resistance, stainless steel can bare the corrosion of fire, water, acid, alkali and various, and do not rust.

The scientists found that, the internal structure of steel is more uniform, the various components are more closely linked, and the invasion of corrosive substance is more difficult. Adding the surface with a layer of protective oxide film, which is like a suit of armor, stainless steel is naturally not easy to rust.

In fact, part of the stainless steel has not only rustless property, but also corrosion resistance. But this does not mean that the stainless steel pipe can not rust, because stainless steel rusts in certain conditions as well.



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