The Stainless Tubes in Construction Decoration Application

Construction decoration industry stainless steel tube is mainly applies in: Kitchen devices and bathroom, stainless steel cabinet, counter and staircase with a handrail arm rest, corridor parapet, hall prop and glass door doorframe and so on.

The stainless steel tubes are advantageous cleans everyday, moreover not the easy multiplying bacteria, this aspect’s performance and glass and ceramics are the same.

Therefore, stainless steel tubes can be use in hospital and sanitary condition important domains, for example: Food processing, dining, brewing and chemical industry.

Stainless steel tube has been prominent in architecture since the Art Deco period. It can not only be used as a support role; it can also be surface treated to achieve a beautifying effect.

Due to its strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance, stainless steel tubing is now commonly used in modern architecture. It is used for exterior cladding in large high-impact buildings and can also be seen internally in the form of handrails, countertops, backsplashes, etc. Stainless steel square tubing is easy to weld, has an attractive surface, and is low maintenance. Because of this, it features prominently in high-profile modern buildings, including the Eurostar terminal at London’s Waterloo Station, the Spiral Bridge in Singapore and the World Trade Center in New York.

The trend toward sustainable construction also benefits stainless steel square tubing, which is typically composed of 90 percent recycled metal. Stainless steel with a polished or grained surface helps bring natural light into the building, thus reducing energy consumption. It is a featured product that is in line with the international community’s green philosophy.

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